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Dear Friend,

Why is it that some guys NEVER lose their cool, no matter what the situation?

When a situation gets REAL, there’s always a guy who everyone relies upon…

… who doesn’t FREAK OUT and embarrass themselves.

… who knows EXACTLY what to do.

… who EVERYONE looks up to.

… who COMMANDS respect.

What’s different about ‘that’ guy?

He knows a focused mind is your best defense against ANY situation. He’s mentally tough.

But here’s the thing…

… YOU could be ‘that’ guy.

Hey, anyone could be ‘that’ guy.

Don’t Let Your Circumstances Control You

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Why Toughness Is Critical for Men – Mike Gillette Interview

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No-one is born with a tough mind. Developing mental toughness is a learned skill.

It’s the same skill our military uses to rapidly toughen up raw recruits so they’re combat-ready within WEEKS.

It’s the same skill put in action when you see a firefighter rush headlong into a burning building without any thought for their own safety.

It’s the same skill a police officer uses when he needs to instantly control a situation where hundreds of lives are at stake.

And for the first time in the public domain… you have a shortcut to developing this skill.

Hi, my name is Mike Westerdal and I’m a national best selling fitness author, sports nutritionist, personal trainer, Iron Man magazine contributor and founder of the internet’s longest-standing strength site,

In a moment, I’m going to reveal to you the three ‘shortcuts’ – never before revealed outside the walls of the military and law enforcement agencies’ training rooms.

These are psychological secrets used to transform any guy, regardless of size, age or experience, into a mentally tough, hard-as-nails ‘Warrior’.

But before I do that, I have to ask the question:

Strength Psychology Testimonials – How To Be Mentally Tough

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Strength Psychology Testimonials – How to Exercise Mental Toughness

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There’s something wrong with our mindset.

Now, some guys may stop reading this right now. They’re in denial or their ego is getting in the way… and that’s the first sign of mental weakness. Because until you accept you may be vulnerable, and you can’t take the steps you need to develop mental toughness.

Every day, I deal with guys who spend years developing their physical strength.

They build muscles to help them look good and feel good. They dedicate hours to prepare themselves for whatever challenge is put in their way. Many of these guys think they’re tough, that they’re ready for anything.

They’re not.

Here’s a wake-up call: If you think toughness is ANYTHING to do with the size of your muscles or your physical strength, think again.

ALL toughness is mental.

If you don’t have a tough mind…

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