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Build Bulletproof Strength, Fight Off Weight Gain, Boost Your
Energy, And Halt The Aging Process To Stay Looking Lean And
Youthful Into Your 40s… And Beyond!

“When did you stop caring about how you look?”

In that moment, I wanted the ground to open up.

My wife’s words sucked the air out of my chest.

We were stepping out to a family barbecue and I’d put on a pair of old pants and shirt. As she sat fixing her make-up and dress, she caught sight of me in the mirror… and that’s when she unleashed her biting assessment of how I looked.

At first, I was confused. It wasn’t until I looked at myself in the mirror, that I understood what she meant.

And the worst thing? She was right. I dressed like I didn’t care anymore.

This was a couple of years back when I was 38.

Like any guy approaching the big 4-0, my thoughts were turning to getting older.

I always thought I had a good body (well, I AM a strength coach). It’s just in the intervening years, I’d got complacent.

I could see and feel my body losing its ‘hard’ look. My clothes were feeling a little tighter… and the more comfortable I was, the less effort I made.

I know my wife never intended to hurt me… but her words struck at my embarrassment about the way my body was going.

But it got worse…

Later at the party, I saw the guys — all in their 20s — drinking beers and laughing with each other.

After what happened I couldn’t help messing with the waistband on my pants.

I was forever checking my reflection any chance I could.

When I got talking to one of the partners of my wife’s friends, we started on the subject of strength. Not wanting him to now know that I’m a pro, I proudly told him of my achievements…

When I finished he looked me right in the eye and uttered the words a guy like me never wants to hear…

How Do Men Over 40 Get Ripped?

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

How to Be Strong at 40 & Beyond (Men Over 40 Tips)

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

How To Make Your 40s Your Best Decade Ever

Just a generation ago, you were made to believe life was over at 40.

(I remember when my dad hit 40. At the time, I thought that was so old.)

No longer. Turning 40 can be the catalyst for your rebirth and revitalization of your health.

What would you give to guarantee your 40s were your healthiest, strongest years?

Looking fit and impressive in photos, and remembering these times as being your best?

We’re led to believe that once you hit a certain age, that’s it. You have to accept an expanding waistline, soft body and low energy… all the hallmarks of the dreaded “middle aged spread”.

I now have a different opinion.

You’re only 40… it’s the greatest age for a guy.

But with all the misinformation about reaching middle-age, no wonder you’re left feeling confused.

No wonder you’re left believing your best days are behind you.

They’re not… as I discovered.

Men Over 40 Workout – How to Build Muscle at 40+ Years Old

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

Can Men Over 40 Get Shredded?

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

You naturally put on weight as you get older… WRONG!

In fact, of any other challenge, this is the simplest to combat.

There are four factors which contribute to middle age weight gain: slowing metabolism, lower testosterone, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Look at that list. Two of the four factors are completely within our control.

It’s time to stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older. It’s just an excuse.

All you need to do is make the right food choices and take care with what you eat. That tiny change alone will stop the onset of weight gain.

But when it comes to strength, here’s another myth to bust…

Men Over 40 with Six Pack Abs

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

Men Over 40 Workout – Chest & Arms Exercises for Guys Over 40

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

As you get older, you naturally get weaker… WRONG!

I’ll show how wrong this is…

Research from the University of Oklahoma found that over an eight-week period a group of middle-aged guys (35-50) succeeded losing body fat and building muscle.

That’s not all…

Compared with a group of college-aged guys over the same period, the older guys lost MORE body fat and gained MORE muscle.

So, let me say this again:

None of this is inevitable.

Yes, you’re susceptible… but it doesn’t have to be your future.

Getting older isn’t the problem.

(And any guy who blames age for their performance is making excuses.)

How Men Over 40 Can BOOST Testosterone

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

Workout & Exercise Tips for Men Over 40

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

The Best Way To Continue Building Muscle Into Your 40s

I turned to my colleague Brian Keplacki and we pulled together a program that did two things:

  • worked with my body’s changing patterns, and
  • brought enjoyment back into daily workouts

We tested different bodyweight exercises and functional strength and finally hit the jackpot. What we came up with was the most effective program designed for guys hitting 40 and above.

Men Over 40 Workout – How to Get Shredded Shoulders

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

What Do MEN OVER 40 Eat to Get Shredded?

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

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